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We provide research methodologies to meet

all of your information needs.

Focus Groups (Group Sessions and Teleconferencing)


In-depth One-on-One Interviewing (Executive and Consumer)

Telephone Surveys – (50 station CATI System)


Mail Surveys – (Full Mail Administration Services)


Web Surveys (Design, Administration, Hosting, Analysis & Reporting)


Mall Studies/Intercept Interviewing




Product Placements


Consumer Panel Surveys


Central Location Testing




Secondary Research and Analysis


Bilingual Research (Hispanic, Asia, Indian, African Dialects)




Focus Group Highlights

V&L consultants are focus group experts.

Focus groups ensure the research includes a cross-section of certain populations that may not be represented in online research (e.g. people without computers).


In the in-person focus groups, the moderator can more actively guide the discussion in real time.  Participants may receive visual or auditory cues from other participants or the moderator, which may lead to a more meaningful discussion. 


Group imagery exercises, ideation and group consensus when necessary can be achieved more effectively in a traditional focus group setting. In addition, clients and the moderator have the ability to discuss the progress of the session and make adjustments in real time. 

Consumer Panel Highlights

Our firm’s quantitative research offers consumer panels with thousands of members. We provide turnkey projects from study design, programming and hosting to developing engaging surveys.  


Through a global sample pool, clients reach target audiences around the world. 

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